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We are passionate about cycling travel and we understand what cyclists want. And it’s not all about drop bars and lycra, we provide holidays on a bike where you get a chance to see the true beauty of a country at a leisurely pace with or without a tour guide. We also arrange spectator packages to international events where you can enjoy watching the professionals and you don’t have to sit on a bike at all.

Cambrils Training Camp

Cambrils & Mont Caro

Gran Fondo Cambrils Park & Training Camp

What’s the daily ride distance?

On our training camps in Cambrils, a “typical” week would be along the following lines, but this can vary based on the group size and individual ability. For example, if we have some riders who want a shorter ride then this can be facilitated and we arrange for them to ride a shorter loop, starting the ride with the main group and turning back earlier. Or if riders want less or more climbing then this can also be factored in.

Sunday: 86kms with 1350m of climbing

Monday: 122kms with 2400m of climbing

Tuesday: 91kms with 1400m of climbing

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: 116kms with 2000m of climbing

Friday: 122kms with 2000m of climbing

On our guided tours the distance is listed for each tour, see the web pages for details or contact us.

Will there be riders there of the same ability as me?

On our training camps in Cambrils, the groups vary and there is often a mixture of riders with differing abilities. Our guides structure the rides to suit all abilities, so where there’s a mixture they can split the group mid-ride to allow stronger riders continue on a longer ride with more climbing and riders who are comfortable with a shorter distance or less climbing are taken on a different route.


On our guided tours the group pace is very leisurely so that all riders are comfortable. We can also provide e-bikes.

Can I rent a bike?

Yes, bikes can be rented on all of our packages and we have e-bikes available on most tours.

What do I need to bring if I rent a bike?

On our Cambrils training camps, when you rent a bike you should bring –

  • Pedals and shoes
  • Helmet
  • If you want you can also bring your own saddle

On our touring holidays, all of the above-listed items are provided, so you don’t have to bring anything. Pedals on rental bikes will be the traditional “flat” type without toe clips or cleats, so if you are more comfortable riding on cleats then you should bring your own pedals and shoes.

What type of bike is the rental bike?

This varies depending on the camp or tour being booked, contact us for details. As a general rule though the training camps will be drop-bar bikes, mostly full carbon with Shimano groupsets. And for the touring holidays, they will be hybrid bikes with e-bikes also available in most locations

What countries do you cover?

We cover a wide range of countries, worldwide. As our destinations are changing frequently please refer to our website for up-to-date details, or contact one of our reservations team.