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Discover Catalonia – Self-Guided Family Tours 

Choose How Many Days You Want To Go

With this tour, you can choose how many days you want to stay, from 2 to 5 days cycling to explore this unique setting!

Stay in the beautiful area of Can Muni and choose the number of nights you want to stay, we have prices listed below from 3 nights with 2 days cycling up to 7 nights with 6 days cycling.You can then choose the routes you want to ride from the options listed below, returning each day to your accommodation in San Muni.


Don’t Just Travel the World, Cycle it. 

The Costa Brava is a beautiful stretch of coast and this area has a rich medieval history, beautiful scenery and a great artistic heritage. It has been voted one of the “Best of the World Destinations” by National Geographic Traveler Magazine and deservedly so. Beaches, natural areas, precious towns, castles and churches. Discover small medieval villages such Peretallada, Torroella de Montgrí and ride through one of the most beautiful landscapes of Catalonia. Empordà is full of culture, history and natural diversity. A fantastic trail to do with your friends or family!

What’s the Plan for the Week?

Day 1. Arrival to Can Muní

Welcome meeting with our guides and session to explain all the routes and the week planning. We will hold the orientation session, where your bike will be specially fitted for you and you will be presented with all the documentation and things you need for your trip.

Day 2. To Figueres

Distance: 46km or 23km

Today brings you to Figueres, across areas of crops and forest. On your trip, you will find small towns that preserve typical Catalan Romanesque and Medieval architecture, until reaching Dalí’s village, Figueres. You can spend your time going to his Museum or just taking a walk around the city, before going back to Can Muní.

Day 3. Land of the marshes

Distance: 56km or 32kmQuiet and full of natural beauty along a path which is the final stretch of the River Ter. In Fonollera Beach, the river forms a lagoon and then enters into the sea, in front of the Medes Islands.  Riding your bike through the natural spaces of La Gola del Ter, La Platera or El Ter Vell will give you a view of the coastal plant life and the fauna of maritime-land areas.


Day 4. A mosaic countryside

Distance: 28km or 18km

The entire route goes through countryside that combines fields of crops, which sinuously cut into the clearings of Mediterranean woods, with small scattered human settlements, that are integrated into the territory. In short, it is a mosaic countryside.


Day 5. Girona – Llagostera

Distance: 40km or 22km

For many centuries, the Empordà coast was subject to attacks by pirates and the population was centered inland, in walled villages or in fortified farmhouses with defence towers. From the 18th century, the danger started to become less and maritime neighborhoods started to appear. These maritime hamlets have been transformed by tourism and have become important tourist centers. The route will therefore take you from the coast inland, so that you will see the contrasts in the countryside between the land and the sea.

Day 6. Llagostera – Sant Feliu de Guixols

Distance: 48km or 24km

El Baix Empordà region is a territory that in the 8th century was part of the “march” of the Carolingian empire against the Muslims, the so-called Catalunya Vella (Old Catalonia). Therefore, it is logical that medieval architecture should be very important in the villages of the region, particularly inland. This route follows part of the medieval villages that are most representative of El Baix Empordà, Ullastret and Peretallada.


Day 7. Departure

Free time to enjoy the village until the departure.

Bike Information

If you do not wish to travel with your bike, you can rent a bike from us. Our bikes are all fully equipped.


Prices from 7 to 8 days

Rental bike adults: 98€

Rental E-bike: 205€

Rental child bike: 50€


Prices from 4 to 6 days

Rental bike adults: 70€

Rental E-bike: 150€

Rental child bike: 40€

When to Travel 

Self-guided: all year round, recommended from March to November. 



SELF-GUIDED (Minimum 2 Cylists)

4 days/ 3 nights/ 2 days cycling

  • Adult price: 325€ double room
  • Children price: 225€
  • Single supplement: 90€
  • Half-board supplement: 54€ per person

5 days/4 nights/ 3 days cycling

  • Adult price: 395€ double room
  • Children price: 275€
  • Single supplement: 120€
  • Half-board supplement: 72€ per person

6 days/5 nights/4 days cycling:

  • Adult price: 450€ double room
  • Children price: 315€
  • Single supplement: 150€
  • Half-board supplement: 108€ per person

7 days/6 nights/5 days cycling:

  • Adult price: 490€ double room
  • Children price: 350€
  • Single supplement: 180€
  • Half-board supplement: 108€ per person

8 days/7 nights/6 days cycling:

  • Adult price: 560€ double room
  • Children price: 395€
  • Single supplement: 210€
  • Half-board supplement: 126€ per person

Full-board supplement (picnic for lunch): 18€ per lunch

The price includes:

  • Welcome meeting by a local guide speaking English or French
  • Accommodation in Can Muni with swimming pool.
  • B&B or Half-board (with water and wine) – Possibility of picnic for lunch
  • GPS with everyday tracks and a map or a local guide speaking English
  • All the tourist information about the route
  • A telephone number in case of any problems

The price does not include:

  • Flights
  • Extra drinks
  • Transfers 


Activity Levels

Activity Levels range from Leisurely to Tough, the grading takes into account the daily cycling distances and terrain, as well as any technical riding skill required. We also consider the number of cycling days as there can be a cumulative affect from tiredness on a longer trip and the type of accommodation used, as this can also influence your day to day recovery.

If you are in any doubt, please give us a call on +353-1-607 9900 or email us.

Activity level 1 - Leisurely Activity level 1: Leisurely

If you can ride a bike and enjoy gentle exercise, these are an ideal introduction to a cycling holiday. No routes are entirely flat, so expect some short climbs and descents. Maximum daily height gain is approximately 250 metres and daily distances rarely exceed 50kms (32 miles), any longer days are often optional.

Activity level 3 - Moderate Activity level 3: Moderate

Most people who enjoy a weekend riding at home will enjoy a Moderate trip. You need to be in good health and reasonably fit. Ideal for occasional cyclists, or as a more relaxed trip for fitter riders. Moderate off-road trips require no previous experience. Distances rarely exceed 70kms (43 miles) per day.

Activity level 5 - Challenging Activity level 5: Challenging

For any ride at this level, fitness is important. Challenging trips require confidence in your ability and physical condition. They are equivalent to an extended period of cycling at home. Previous mountain biking experience is essential for Challenging off road trips as they will involve some technical riding.

Activity level 7 - Tough Activity level 7: Tough

Previous experience of the cycling style or surface is a must as these routes have long cycling days and tougher terrain on both road and off road trips. You need complete confidence in your fitness and technical ability to cope with difficult or steep terrain, rough surfaces and longer distances. Ideal for those seeking a challenge!

Split grades

In order to provide more accuracy, where a trip falls between two grades we use an intermediate or ‘split’ grade, for example 2: Leisurely/Moderate.