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  • Sportive performance
  • Sportive endurance
  • Cycle in the sun!
  • Stay in 4 star luxury
  • Get winter fit this autumn in Majorca

Leisure Cycling

Majorca leisure cycling

Enjoy rides at a relaxed pace, with wonderful views and coffee stops

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Sportive Endurance

sportive endurance

For those looking to build stamina for sportive events and endurance charity rides

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Sportive Performance

sportive performance

For racing cyclists, triathletes, or those seeking high performance at sportive events

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Majorca touring

Discover the unknown Majorca with an easy paced group

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If you have ever thought about cycling in Majorca then Neenan Cycling Tours in partnership with SunVelo offer some of the best cycling training camps, cycling holidays and all-round cycling experience in Majorca. 

The SunVelo camps are flexible and can be used as a cycling training camp or a more relaxed cycling holiday, with ride leaders who have have a broad cycling experience covering all cycling disciplines and levels. The training camps are based in the north of Mallorca in Playa de Muro, using two adjacent 4 star resort style hotels situated within 200 meters of the beach that back on to the stunning S’Albufera nature reserve. Playa de Muro transforms from an attractive beach resort in the summer months to what is becoming known as “Mallorca’s bike mile” during the spring and autumn cycling season with a variety of cycling shops and cafes supporting the visiting Lycra clad community.

SunVelo prides itself on focusing on an individual’s cycling objectives, offering a variety of different daily expert led guided rides for all levels of cyclist from novice to serious competitive racer. Alastair Irvine; multiple Commonwealth Games medalist and former professional racer heads the riding programme with an expert team – all of which are either qualified cycling coaches, CTC or Skyride nationally certified group ride leaders. SunVelo is supported by sister company SunSport Coaching that provides a sports lab set up for full metabolic fitness assessment and VO2 max testing. As well as offering full spring and autumn seasons, Neenan Cycling and SunVelo also provide packages for the popular Mallorca 312 and 167 sportives taking place the last weekend of April each year.

Majorca Roads

Cycling in Majorca with SunVelo gives you the opportunity to ride in groups of like minded people led by qualified cycling coaches and experienced group leaders under the guidance of multiple Commonwealth games cycling medalist Alastair Irvine.

SunVelo group rides whether training based or more relaxed are planned, organised and structured to make the most of your cycling time.

Cycling in Majorca provides the ideal training camp destination or good times touring on the bike.Whether you come by yourself, with a friend or as a group, on a cycling holiday or to do some significant sportive training miles; with SunVelo everyone is an equal part and contributor to enjoying days on the road.

Cycling in Majorca with SunVelo can be challenging, sociable, fun and will help you add significant mileage to an existing training plan

Accommodation & location

Viva Blue & Prinsotel La Dorada, Playa de Muro, Majorca (4 star)

We at Neenan Cycling Tours & SunVelo are delighted to offer luxury 4 star accommodation at the magnificent twin hotels Viva Blue and Prinsotel La Dorada in Playa de Muro as our cycling bases. The hotels are sited directly next to each other, built at the same time with the same room and overall hotel site layout.

Accommodation details

Hotel in Majorca



Activity Levels

Activity Levels range from Leisurely to Tough, the grading takes into account the daily cycling distances and terrain, as well as any technical riding skill required. We also consider the number of cycling days as there can be a cumulative affect from tiredness on a longer trip and the type of accommodation used, as this can also influence your day to day recovery.

If you are in any doubt, please give us a call on +353-1-607 9900 or email us.

Activity level 1 - Leisurely Activity level 1: Leisurely

If you can ride a bike and enjoy gentle exercise, these are an ideal introduction to a cycling holiday. No routes are entirely flat, so expect some short climbs and descents. Maximum daily height gain is approximately 250 metres and daily distances rarely exceed 50kms (32 miles), any longer days are often optional.

Activity level 3 - Moderate Activity level 3: Moderate

Most people who enjoy a weekend riding at home will enjoy a Moderate trip. You need to be in good health and reasonably fit. Ideal for occasional cyclists, or as a more relaxed trip for fitter riders. Moderate off-road trips require no previous experience. Distances rarely exceed 70kms (43 miles) per day.

Activity level 5 - Challenging Activity level 5: Challenging

For any ride at this level, fitness is important. Challenging trips require confidence in your ability and physical condition. They are equivalent to an extended period of cycling at home. Previous mountain biking experience is essential for Challenging off road trips as they will involve some technical riding.

Activity level 7 - Tough Activity level 7: Tough

Previous experience of the cycling style or surface is a must as these routes have long cycling days and tougher terrain on both road and off road trips. You need complete confidence in your fitness and technical ability to cope with difficult or steep terrain, rough surfaces and longer distances. Ideal for those seeking a challenge!

Split grades

In order to provide more accuracy, where a trip falls between two grades we use an intermediate or ‘split’ grade, for example 2: Leisurely/Moderate.