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Sportive Endurance

A regulated even paced riding group for those looking to build stamina for sportive events and endurance charity rides. Coordinated group riding that is structured to develop fitness and comfort over long distances. Taking in some of Majorca’s most scenic climbs and rolling countryside.

sportive endurance

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The Sportive and Distance group is specifically designed for anyone looking to build endurance stamina in a concentrated environment with the objective of completing challenging sportives or endurance charity rides.

The pleasure from sportive or charity challenges is being able to complete them in comfort and with a fitness that allows you to enjoy the event and the social ambiance associated with such events. It’s about having the confidence in your fitness and skill to have fun on the bike.

Efficiency of cycling is fundamental and so each daily ride will be structured and co-ordinated to gain from the benefits of group riding and shared pace setting, learning the dynamics and protocols of group cycling technique.

Your stay will increase your fitness and the time cycling will increase your comfort threshold.

Skills will be developed to allow close proximity riding in a group with relaxation and comfort. The pace will be regulated and steady so as to develop core strength and permit recovery, each ride thus increasing core conditioning to give a solid foundation of fitness to allow objectives to be comfortably attained.

A social element is fundamental to this mainstream element of cycling and so routes will visit some of Majorca’s most beautiful towns for coffee and lunch whilst also incorporating the varied beautiful countryside and scenic climbs.

This is the group that focuses on the majority of cyclists involved in the sport, because cycling tends to become addictive, you either have been or you most likely will be cycling more frequently in the future, with friends or may be in a club.

The benefits gained in the Neenan Cyclign Tours – SunVelo Sportive and Distance group will positively enhance all your future cycling and make objectives more attainable.

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