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Discovering the unknown Majorca. Tranquil country lanes leading to beautiful rural villages. From orange groves to vineyards and hidden valleys to mountain top monasteries. Easy paced group riding typically covering 40 to 70 miles per day depending on terrain and coffee/lunch stop options.

Majorca touring

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The Neenan-SunVelo touring group is the iconic group to cycle in, a degree of on bike fitness is required before you arrive in Majorca, it is physically challenging but is primarily about the enjoyment of cycling through the countryside of Majorca.

This is the group that sits down to dinner with all the stories to tell of the places they’ve discovered and the experiences they’ve had.

The group is structured and co-ordinated to ensure efficient cycling with the objective of going to places of interest, all sharing the pace. Sometimes its about the journey not the destination!

Moving in unison to assist each other to get to a place ensures skill development and after your stay, fitness will be developed allowing you to progress onto bigger adventures.

This is discovering the unknown Majorca, unexpected locations, tranquil country roads, beautiful rural villages, scenic climbs and local cuisine. Days that include farmlands to orange groves and vineyards, stunning turquoise coves to rocky headlands, Majorca has it all and its waiting for you to see it, smell it and taste it with this sociable touring group.

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